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A once humble dorm room hobby in Newark, Delaware turned into a life passion which inspired endless hours of hard work, dedication and determination to create what is known today as Studio Four Thirty Six. Having already come such a long way, this is still just the beginning. Thank you for your continued love & support, we couldn't do this without you.

 – xo studio four thirty six


Upcoming Events



Private parties

Interested in hosting a private jewelry party for your family and friends?! All private parties feature special sale prices and all hosts will receive a custom thank you gift.


Custom designs

Wedding day? Bridal party? Graduation? Anniversary? Mother's Day? Extra-special days call for an extra-special touch – let us help you complete your perfect day!



In addition to online and studio shows, you can also find us in select retail locations. If you are interested in selling our products we'd love to chat more!

Imperfection is beauty
— Marilyn monroe
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